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Smart - Tether Features
Coiled Plastic Coated Steel Cable
Max. Length Approx. 40"
Quick Realese Connector 
Multiple Split Rings
Anti-Kink on Both Ends


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The Smart-Tether is a plastic, coated steel, coiled safety cable with strain, anti kink relief, designed to securely attach scanners, pistols, keys, and mobile terminals to forklifts or carts to protect them from damage or damage. The Smart-Tether Lanyard includes a spring snap on one end and a split rings on the opposite end. The spring snap allows for quick easy removal from the device.

Min. Length: 5.5”
Max. Length: Appx. 40”
Cable Dia: 1/16”

Part # ST-TET

Price: $19.00ea


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Steel Coiled Safety Tether

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