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Motorola Smart-Grip Features
Readable Screen in Cradle
Useable Keyboard in Holder
Accommodates Pistol Grip Terminals
Fully Adjustable Mount
Open End Supports Adapter and Cables
Angled Fingers Support Terminal
Angle and Tapered Sides for Secure Support in Holster
Complete - Ready to Install
All Steel Construction


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Smart-Grip for Zebra / Motorola

 MC92NO-G MC9200,MC9190,MC9090,


The Smart-Grip cradle supports Zebra / Motorola / MC9000 Series terminals including the MC9300 MC9200,MC9190, MC9090,MC92N0-G, MC9500 and the MC9090 RFID industrial mobile computers. The Smart-Grip holder is ideal for use on fork lifts, shop carts, and work benches. The all steel construction of the mount and fully adjustable Mounting system supports hands-free operation and unique mounting situations.

The Smart-Grip with its open end, supports cables and adapters for flexible operations. The Smart-Grip design also allows for full use of the rugged mobile computer while in the Smart-Grip holster. It also accommodates terminals with pistols grips or without pistol grips.

We also support the MC9200, MC9190 and MC9090 with the protective rubber boot, the MC9090-G RFID and MC9090Z RFID reader, and the MC9500 mobile computer. Contact us for support of other Motorola terminals.

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Zebra MC9300 Part # SG-ZEB-9300
Zebra Motorola MC9200 Part #SG-Mot-9200
Zebra Motorola MC9190 Part #SG-Mot-9190
Zebra Motorola MC9090 Part# SG-Mot-9090
Zebra Motorola MC92NO-G Part# SG-ZEB-92N0
Zebra Motorola MC90XX w/ Boot Part # SG-Mot-BT
Zebra Motorola MC9090-G RFID Part # SG-Mot-RF
Zebra Motorola MC9500 Part #SG-Mot-9500

Price: $169.00ea

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Zebra MC9000 Series Metal Mounting Holder, Cradle, Holster    Click image for close-up

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